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About Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan or Drukyul which means land of the thunder dragon is one of the few unexplored tourist destinations in the world. It has been declared as a global hotspot for its pristine environment and rich biodiversity. Straddling the eastern himalayas with China to the north and India to the south, it is a land of immense natural beauty with a rich ancient culture and tradition that is vibrant and intact.

Often referred to as Shangri La, buddhism is a way of life in this peaceful and serene country the last bastion of Mahayana buddhism in the world. Buddhism is embedded in every aspect of Bhutanese life.

Since Buddhism came to Bhutan in the 8th century, it has influenced and shaped Bhutanese values, social structure, arts, architecture, literature and institutions. The Bhutanese call themselves Drukpas, a term originating from Druk meaning Dragon in Dzongkha the national language.

As a country that has remained independent throughout its history, Bhutan opened up to modern development in the 1960s after years of self imposed isolation with the building of the first schools, hospitals and roads. In the new millennium, as a society in transition, Bhutan stands as a unique nation that blends modernization with its tradition and culture.

How to travel to Bhutan?

There are flights operating to Bhutan from Thailand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Singapore. Any one of these countries could be used as the transit point. We can arrange tickets to Bhutan from all these places.

How to get Visa to travel to Bhutan?

Don't worry, we are the authorised travel agent and tour operator to process visa for tourist visiting Bhutan;we just need your passport copy. Visa to Bhutan is required before arrival to the country.
What is the pacakage cost to travel to Bhutan?

Contact us at darjeelingtoursandtravels@gmail.com for the rate.