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Punakha Dzong was built in 1637 and was the former capital of Bhutan. It lies at the confluence of the Mo Chu (female river) and the Pho Chu (male river). Punakha Dzong still serves as the winter residence of the Central Monk Body.

Places of Interest
Punakha Dzong

One of the most visited dzongs in Bhutan due to its beauty.

Wangdi Dzong

Wangdi dzong sits on the top of the high ridge. It was built in 1638 by Shabdrung Nawang Namgyal. The ridge provides a panoramic view of the valley. On 24th June 2012, the dzong was gutted by fire destroying all the structure of the dzong. The important relics were saved.


It is also called Wangdi Phodrang but for daily use, Wangdi is used. It lies at an altitude of 1210 m and it is just about 21 Km from Punakha. It is windy and dusty, especially in the afternoon. Punajanchu River flows across the valley.